Livingstone Medical  have been researching the impact of patient pyschology,  health communication

and information design on consumer behaviour for over three decades.

This research looks at the barriers to delivering effective health messages to consumers in

a digital world.  It also investigates how complex medical concepts can be conveyed

in a language and format that patients can understand - and respond to.

In the US this work has been approved by both the American Academy of Family Physician's Foundation

(AAFPF)  and  Case Western University Teaching Hospital's Department of Family Practice  (CWU).

In the UK it has been certified by the Department of Health's (NHS) Information Standard

and endorsed by the Family Doctor Association (FDA).

It also formed the basis for Coventry University's inaugrual MA in Health Communication Design

at the Health Design & Technology Institute (HDTI)

The book 'A Patient's Guide to Diseases and Conditions'  was first published in the US, in 2003, and

our consumer health series 'Diseases Explained'  has now been published in over 40 counties.